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Lupe Commando - Awaiting Evac by WMDiscovery93 Lupe Commando - Awaiting Evac by WMDiscovery93

I had this Idea for some time now and I decided to redo it, so here's the results:

This new story is about several Lupe commandos (not to be confused with the DEC troopers) that are highly specialized Lupe troopers that are called into life risking missions that requires stealth and ability to expand their missions if need be. Also (even though they are robotic organisms that grows like a living neopet) they have a more independent mind than most of their regular trooper brethrens as they can come up with their own names.

Specs about a lupe Commando:
The armour: The commandos wear highly speciallized armour that can withstand a medium laser cannon shot at a direct hit called the Karatan Armor. It can also heal the wearer of minor wounds and has body shield that can help secure a commandos survival percentage higher if the commando was hit at point-blank range. The suit is also fitted for Zero-G enviroments, and can adapt to a variety of enviroments the mission calls for. The suit also can conceal a Vibroshock blade if the commando is forced t use melee attacks.

The helmet: The helmet is also one of the very important gear a commando would need to do a mission. The helmet can protect the head from flying shrapnel/debris. It can also link up to the weapon a wearer is using and can give a gunsight for higher accuracy. Plus the helmet has a comlink headset that can be removed for external uses and an also be used for private conversations. Just like the suit, the helmet is also adaptable to any enviroment and has different mode settings for different purposes.

The weapons: The commando's weapon, the LC-28A battle variancy Blaster is a light-weight, low profile, Plasma fed, auto laser blaster that is compact but still can unload multiple blaster rounds of plasma in just a few seconds and can be steadied for accuracy, it can also provide a gunsight for the users helmet or can be externally viewed from it's sights. The special thing about this blaster is that it can be used for a variety of jobs, like sniping, demo, and Angle shots. The weapon also employs a flash light for improved sight for dark areas. A comando can hold up to 8 (80 rounds) blaster clips, 6 (6 rounds) Meta-Ion plasma clips,and 6 rounds of High Implosion Fragmentation Rocket grenades.

In this picture is a squad of Lupe commandos that are awaiting evac by the Neopian Assault Ship "Protector" near Kiko Lake island.

Plus the looks were inspired by Republic Commando but this one has a whole different story line.

Done with a 0.7 mechanical pencil.
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Wisky-08 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015
More please
Cmndr-Vaughn Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2010
I was looking at this artwork and watching a video on Youtube. The music that the video played sounded like it was appropriate for situations that your Lupe Commandos would be involved in.

Here's the stats of the video I was watching, in case you're interested:

Title: NES: Rush n Attack: Stage 1 (Guitar Cover)
Author: schattenjager
Video Length: 1 minute, 49 seconds
Approximate Current View Count: 30,366 views
itmon Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2008
I really like the troop in the foreground on this one.
WMDiscovery93 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2008  Student
Thanks! This one took some time, around 3-4 days, I was busy.
itmon Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2008
its good stuff for the foreground troop! I like!
WMDiscovery93 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2008  Student
Thanks! that means a lot from an awesome artist!
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