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June 29, 2009
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Amelia - Before transformation by WMDiscovery93 Amelia - Before transformation by WMDiscovery93

Amelia never started her life off as a cyborg wolf "taur", but as a normal, young wolf who had potential, but her life was a living nightmare right when she was born.

The place she was born at, was an "appearance wise" city, and had a strict rule that focused on exterior appearances, (of course not of skin or fur color) but on eye or hair color, how each part was like (example, any disfigurement, or even abnormalitable features and actions), the rule states:

"Any person or being with abnormal or disfigurement besides injury are born or kept in secrecy, they with such features must be either transferred away or terminated by consent of the caretaker of such person with said abnormal features."

It was this rule that made Amelia's life go downhill.

When she was born, her Father, who was extremely strict with the rule and had hoped for a third son (who would be like his first two sons, loud and obnoxiously loyal to the rule) , was displeased, because she was born with the dark markings around her eyes, and did not "appear" to have pupils. Her father considered her abnormal, but her mother, was quite the opposite, She thought that the dark markings made her unique and brought out her eyes and loved her just the same.

But because of her "abnormal" features, she was in danger by the rule because her father did not even wish to have her, but she was saved only because her mother was member of a very important part of the government, and was able to convince the government to not take Amelia away, but wasn't able to stop what Amelia was going to face for 20 more years.

Ever since she was born, her Life became hell. She was always taunted and tortured (by that, I mean always the butt of sick pranks and jokes) by her older brothers, who wanted to make her life miserable. Her father didn't make it any easier. He'd often ignore her and pretended she didn't exist; and to make matters worst, he would beat her and punish her for really ridiculous things he though were sick, even when she didn't mean too (like accidently dropping a book on his foot, even though he ran into her).
But that was only at home, whereas at schools she was even more ridiculed.

Because of her "abnormalities" Many teachers disgusted her and many students made fun of her obnoxiously, even to the point of bring Amelia to SHEER INSANITY.

However, She never became severly insane, and had VERY few good spots in her terrible life. one being her mother;
Her mother was extremely maternal to her and helped and cared for her when she needed it. Also she did have a friend, who also shared the mockery (being a book geek) and an abnormality (but had it disguised by his parents) who always hanged around with her. some teachers and other citizens of her home city actually didn't mind her and thought of the rule as ridiculous.

Even with the few good points of her life, her troubles did not end, but only got worse as she grew up.

Since her mother resigned from the government and a divorce, she got a lower paying, but enjoyable, job. Her mother however started a new life rough because her ex husband bribed the court to separate their banking account money by an unfair 3-to-1 division, meaning Amelia could only receive second-hand clothing and supplies (As shown in the picture, Amelia is wearing worn-out glasses, a worn, tattered and faded college sweater that use to be her mother, faded denim jeans, an outdated belt, and a tattered, but functional, shoulder bag), which saddened her mother who tried to give her what she needed.

But Amelia, being the extreme opposite of her brothers, did not mind the second hand materials, and appreciated what her mother was doing for her.

Because she used her greatly worn-out materials (like books and magazines) to great effect, she became extremely smart, with her IQ becoming 210 at the age of 16 and grew a talent of building creative inventions, which helped her gain Academic sponship, and paved her way to great colleges. But due to the rule still being in play, she was limited to a few colleges, which infuriated and saddened her, until she notices her mother's old college on the list and chose it.

Although some of the teachers who knew Amelia's mother was friendly and greeted her, many started rumors about her and made fun of her using childish jokes and pranks. Although Amelia (now 18 years old) was a young but grown adult, she still felt the hurt of isolation and mockery as she went on to classes.

But Amelia was overjoyed when she learned that her old friend was also coming to the same college as well. She spent her college life a leading student in academics with her friend, however at the mockery of her classmates and brothers (Who by some MIRACLE; was able to get into the college, because of their father) she thought her life wouldn't become any worse (not including her old friend and her mother and several good events, such as meeting the Superintendent), but she was wrong.

It all went worse by a prank. Her Brothers, still bent on making Amelia miserable, learned of Amelia (now 19 years old) meeting with the superintendent for a potentially great once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Decided to pull a prank on her during the meeting. However, the prank caused part of the main building (with the superintendent and Amelia) to catch on fire, and when Amelia tried to get out with the Superintendent, a blow gas pipe blew out fire in front of Amelia, causing severe burns to her eyes. Because of the events, Amelia's brothers were expelled and her rushed to the hospital, unable to finish the meeting and to get the opportunity of a lifetime.

With financial troubles from the divorce and stress of the bill, her mother wasn't able to afford Skin grafts for Amelia, leaving Amelia a scar that would leave her traumatic for life.

The event had a major effect on her,when diagnosed the doctors was surprised at the results; she was discovered to have become much more mentally fragile, but at the same time, never went to the level of insanity or depression, or even create a fear of fire. But what surprised the doctors the most is how the fire burned the outer part of her eyes, but never touched her eyes at all, as if it was never burned. They never understood what it meant but decided to leave it as it is.

Even with her injuries, the classmates did not let up on their tormenting. She continued to feel worse, but she decided to keep going, even with the humiliation, because she wanted to be the best that she could be for her mother and herself

As another year college comes, Amelia (now 20) continues through her miserable, torment-filled life, unchanged; But the same could not be said for the city. As days passes, their time is beginning to change, with the threat of an aggressive military coup occuring at anytime against the government that came up with the rule. The threat was well-known and caused fear among many because of the fear of casualties that could happen, Amelia was shocked when the government never did anything to counter the threat. She and her mother decided best to leave while they can. But before they could leave, It happens.

Within the hour, the sounds of gunfire and explosion, people screaming and shouting, and fire erupting was heard and everybody was running to get away from the violence. Amelia and her mother rushed out of their home, but then in a confusing rush, Amelia became lost and tried finding her mother, but to no avail. She then found her friend, who helped her find a way to safety, until she was bumped several times by scared people until she was pushed out of the way extremely hard where she tumbled into the way of a mortar barrage, where many were ripped apart by the sheer explosive force of the shells. Amelia was caught in a single shell explosion; with her friend and mother nowhere to be found....


This is just a picture of her before she was tranformed into what she is today. There's going to be a complimentary picture that shows what she becomes.

Amelia and story belongs to me.

hope you like her! ^^
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acebird1234 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Man her could be better if she someone to talk to,or even a friend or two.
thenoless Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2009
Now thats such a crurl life that she has
Streaked-Silver Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you and i need to RP .. you got a lot of good ideas
WMDiscovery93 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2009  Student
I'm actually doing an RP right now, with :iconephah: but thanks! ^^
Streaked-Silver Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist cant do another? D: ..i have like.. 4 going with friends.
WMDiscovery93 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009  Student
Really? Dang, Well, I'll think about it. ^^
Streaked-Silver Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sure thing, the way i role is easy to go along with, and its basically when ever you and i are both free to RP at the same time and want to. its pretty relaxed
WMDiscovery93 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009  Student
Cool. ^^
Streaked-Silver Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i'll give you my MSN account info and .even if we dont RP.. we can still come up with armor designs and stuff together..
Ephah Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
aw, pore Amelia. And wow, harsh world you have here Lupe.
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